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Monneycare =
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Experience stress-free finance app. PennySnap gives you the easiest time managing your money. Adding transactions, attaching photos and receipts, exporting data, can be fun. All these with super-cool, well-design icons. Oh, and our charts are... super awesome.

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Balance Chart

Assets-Debts =
Net Worth

Get a complete picture of your financial life. Not just categorized expenses but also your net worth. See how much debts you owe and how much assets you own. All in this super awesome chart.

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Account Chart

A Photo = 
A Thousand Words

Just one glance at your photo attachment and you will go “aha, that’s where my money goes”. Or snap the receipt and attach to the transaction for future reference - like sending to your better half for a prove of purchase.

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Income Chart

Dark Mode =
Cool Charts

Work at night? White light hurt your eyes? Enter Dark Mode. Numbers standout and our charts look spectacular in dark background. All elements are optimized to look cool in the dark. You will like it.

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Short answer: a person that need to manages his/her finance. That's basically everyone!

But our app is flexible. It doesn't assume that you have a bank account with a particular bank. Or have a particular saving/spending system. So, in general sense, the app is for any person, small business, organization that has financial transactions and want to summarized those transactions in a beautiful, easy-to-understand charts.

But don't take our words for it. Download and try it for yourself! Free.

iPhone/iPod with iOS 13 or later.

In Transactions Tab, select the first row where there is "Create" icon (the one with a plus sign). That will open "Add New". Type in the title and amount, select date. If you are adding an expense make sure the expense account is in "To". If you are adding an income make sure the income account is in "From".

Or you can just long press an account icon. The suggested transactions will popped up for you to choose from. Easy right?

Go to Settings by taping the main menu (with the three-line icon) on the top-right of the screen. In Data section, select Export Data.

It is actually FREE! No trial period. No time restrictions. As long as you don't reach transaction limit of 1,000, you can use it for free forever!

After the free limit. Your data will remain intact. You will still be able to view and export your data. You just cannot add new transactions. Instead you will be prompted to subscribe

Just $1.99 per month. Cancel anytime.

This could be for a number of reasons. Most common one is that account balance is negative. Or you put income/expense on the wrong side of a transaction. You can try the followings:

- Set your account with actual beginning balance.
- Make sure a transaction has money flow "From" income and "To" expenses.

Note that money can flow from expense. Such as when you refund. But such case is quite an exception.

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